Pharmacy Students of UMY Win Indonesia Pharmacy Olympiad 2017

May 2, 2017 by : BHP UMY

Students of Pharmacy Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) became the winner of Pharmacito Olfarnesia 2017 (Indonesia Pharmacy Olympiad 2017) conducted at UMY.

In the national competition, UMY’s team named Komandan comprised of Komarudin, Aiyun Astiyani, and Danang Aji. In an interview on Thursday (02/05), Komarudin told that his team has won various local and national competitions since 2015.

“We did not have any intention to create the team in 2015. We joined several competitions of medical, health, and pharmacy areas. The Pharmacito Olfarnesia 2017 was our last competition. It was conducted on April 28-29, and we defeated UGM and UNPAD achieving the first runner and the second runner up, respectively,” told Komar.

Komar also informed that the Pharmacito Olfarnesia 2017 was the second Olympiad organized by Department of UMY, and was followed by 40 teams from 17 universities. The competition consisted of several rounds. First, there was an elimination round in form of CBT (Computer-Based Test) encompassing 100 questions which should be answered in two hours. Top 12 teams passed the next round. Second, there was a quarter final round, namely PCE (Patient Counseling Event) comprising of counseling of doctors, swamedication, and tool use.

“Afterwards, top five teams went to the semifinal round, namely IPE (Inter-professional Education). Top three teams passed the final round, called contest of wits. The teams were UMY, UGM, and UNPAD. In the final round, UMY gained 175 points, UGM obtained 135 points, and UNPAD got 90,” said Komar.

Komar expected that there are other groups that can gain a lot of achievements. “Our team is now in the 8th semester so that we have to focus to accomplish our undergraduate research to graduate in July 2017,” he stated.

Additionally, Komar mentioned a number of achievements obtained by Komandan team such as the winner of Pharmadays UGM 2015, Self-Medication Tournament OFKI BATAM 2015, Pharmacito OLFARNESIA Yogyakarta 2016, the winner of Pharmacy Debate of OFKI BALI 2016, the winner of LKTI OFKI BALI 2016, the second runner up of Pharmacy Contest of Wits of OFKI BALI 2016, Best Speaker of Pharmacy Debate of OFKI BALI 2016, the runner up of general champion of OFKI BALI 2016, and the winner of Pharmacito OLFARNESIA Yogyakarta 2017.


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